FILTRON 1 - 10
Adding Weather Station to the DREAM control systems
New embedded temperature and humidity analog sensors
New battery energized unit for reading analog tensiometers
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28-11-2012  |  DREAM II
Professional internet enabled central controller for multiple irrigation heads

The DREAM II is the next generation of central control irrigation systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each project specific needs. It is an Internet enabled controller so the user can control everything from his PC or Smartphone. 
The DREAM II can handle multiple irrigation heads thus allowing the user to manage medium to very large projects with many irrigation lines using a single controller.

28-11-2012  |  OASIS
Proffesional internet enabled controller for single irrigation-head

The OASIS controller is the next generation of stand alone irrigation controllers. It is in fact a direct descendent of TALGIL’S veteran controller – The AFIK.
The OASIS is an internet enabled controller, it allows the user to control everything from everywhere via the internet on any platform (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…).
The OASIS has radio remote units capability (RF RTU). This allows controlling small to medium size projects without having any wires in the field.
The OASIS is a professional, feature packed controller, offering the same robustness, user friendliness and low power consumption which our users have grown accustomed to for many years worldwide. 

28-11-2012  |  FILTRON 1 - 10
The advanced modular AC / DC backflush controller

Following the tradition of the well known family of TALGIL’s backflush controllers, the FILTRON 1-10 offers professional features, simplicity of use and uncompromised reliability. 

The FILTRON 1-10 which is available both in AC and DC versions is a modular controller suitable for flushing 1 to 10 filters. It is equipped with a large customized LCD display and only 4 keys that leave the user no room for confusion.
The FILTRON 1-10 can be ordered with a built-in analog DP sensor that enables reading the actual value as well as triggering the flushing cycle by a preset value.
The FILTRON 1-10 can also control a downstream pressure sustaining valve for the cases of systems suffering from pressure shortage.
The FILTRON 1-10 is suitable for gravel filters, disc filters and screen filters.

With the added capability of communicating a DAVIS "Vantage Pro 2" Weather Station the DREAM is now capable of supplying 11 important meteorological parameters by which important functions can be accomplished:

  • Frost protection
  • Rain delay
  • Irrigation, based on Daily Evapotranspiration data

The DREAM system now offers easy solutions for reading analog temperature and humidity values by utilizing special embedded sensors. The sensors can be integrated into the economical 2 wired RTU or into the new generation GIII RF RTU so that reading temperature and humidity is now available both with the 2w and the radio RTU systems. In both cases the sensors do not require external energizing. Utilizing the same sensors with a special interface called THD enables the DREAM to read directly the temperature and humidity and to obtain also the resulting Dew Point.

To be used with the DREAM 2 Wired RTU system
New software developed for the TENSIOMARKER electronic board makes it connectable to the 2 wired economical RTU, enabling it to read 2 analog sensors (4-20 mA) every 10 minutes, powered only by 4 “D” size batteries. The unit is most suitable for reading Tensiometers.