FILTRON 1 - 10
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FILTRON 1 - 10


The advanced modular AC / DC backflush controller

Following the tradition of the well known family of TALGIL’s backflush controllers, the FILTRON 1-10 offers professional features, simplicity of use and uncompromised reliability. 

The FILTRON 1-10 which is available both in AC and DC versions is a modular controller suitable for flushing 1 to 10 filters. It is equipped with a large customized LCD display and only 4 keys that leave the user no room for confusion.
The FILTRON 1-10 can be ordered with a built-in analog DP sensor that enables reading the actual value as well as triggering the flushing cycle by a preset value.
The FILTRON 1-10 can also control a downstream pressure sustaining valve for the cases of systems suffering from pressure shortage.
The FILTRON 1-10 is suitable for gravel filters, disc filters and screen filters.
General Features:

  • The modular structure enables from 2 to 10 outputs in steps of 2
  • In the DC model – 2 Wired 12V DC pulse Latching solenoids
  • In the AC model – 24V AC solenoids
  • Built-in analog DP sensor
  • Input for external digital (dry contact) DP sensor
  • Input for digital low pressure sensor
Modes of operation:
  • Flushing triggered by Pressure Differential only
  • Flushing triggered by time only
  • Flushing triggered either by Pressure Differential or by time, the one that occurs first
  • Manual flushing
User selectable parameters:
  • Flushing time per station
  • Differential pressure set point
  • Flushing interval
  • Main valve (Down Stream Valve) Yes / No
  • Pre dwell and Dwell delay times
  • DP response time
  • Looping limit - consecutive back flush cycles 
  • Alarm output for external controller Yes / No
  • Pressure units BAR or PSI
  • Number of cycles triggered by time
  • Number of cycles triggered by DP
  • Number of cycles triggered manually
  • Endless looping of consecutive back flush cycles
  • Low pressure indication
  • Low battery
Real time displayed information:
  • Actual pressure differential value
  • During the flushing process showing the active output at each stage
  • Between the flushing cycles showing the left time until next cycle
Energizing options:
  • In the DC model - 4 standard “D” type alkaline batteries or 12V DC from external source
  • In the AC model - built in 220/ 110 v AC power supply
PDF Download – Brochure: