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Adding Weather Station to the DREAM control systems
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Professional internet enabled central controller for multiple irrigation heads

The DREAM II is the next generation of central control irrigation systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each project specific needs. It is an Internet enabled controller so the user can control everything from his PC or Smartphone. 
The DREAM II can handle multiple irrigation heads thus allowing the user to manage medium to very large projects with many irrigation lines using a single controller.

General Features:

Modular & Flexible Hardware:
  • Local outputs DC or AC – Directly activating Solenoids and Electric Valves
  • Single cable 2W RTU – Up to 10 km
  • Radio RTU – Up to 5 km (Soon 10 km)
  • Ph/EC control – Handles multiple fertilization injection units 
  • Weather station – Supplying data for irrigation by ET, Frost protection and Rain shutdown
  • Analog inputs – Locally near the controller or remotely though the RTU (Both RF and 2W)

  • Hundreds of irrigation programs, irrigation heads and valves can be defined
  • Water dosage by Time, Volume, Volume per area and ET 
  • Irrigation by days of the week or cycle of days
  • Single cycle or pulse irrigation
  • Start: by time, by condition, manually
  • Each program allows irrigating single valves or sequences of valves or groups
  • Main valve operation delayed, advanced, or together with the irrigation valves
  • Can handle multiple water sources (Pump houses and water tanks)

  • Allows both Local and multiline (central) fertilization sites. Up to 6 fertilizers per site
  • Fertilizer dosage modes:
Continuous - Time (h:m:s), Volume (Liters)
Concentration - L/m³, L/m:s, sec/min, m:s/L
Proportional - proportion calculated from amount of water and fertilizer 
  • Three stage fertilization: pre- watering, injection, post watering

  • Allows both Local and multiline (central) filter sites. 
  • Flushing by time, by PD or by both
  • Definable parameters: Flushing interval, Pre dwell time, Dwell time, Flushing time, PD delay
  • Endless looping detection and prevention
  • Accumulation of flushing cycles by time and by PD

  • High flow, Low flow, Water leakage, Low pressure
  • Fertilizer leakage, No pulses from fertilizer injector
  • PD sensor failure
  • Low battery, No AC

  • New PC software, Java based - DREAM CONSOLE. Simple to use, powerful and modern
  • New Smartphone application – DREAM SPOT. From any device on any operating system
  • Possible communication channels: Netstick, 3G modem, Ethernet cable, Radio, Cable 
  • Email alarm notifications

  • Multi language controller
  • Large graphical LCD and full numeric keyboard
  • Dealer definitions allows tailor fitting each controller to each user specific application
  • Flexible condition systems allows starting, stopping, waiting and continuing of irrigation programs 
  • Detailed event log for all system events
  • Controller configuration and irrigation programs are saved on non volatile memory

Energizing options:
  • 12V DC from a solar panel and a rechargeable battery
  • 220V / 110V AC

PDF Download – Brochure: