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New embedded temperature and humidity analog sensors
New battery energized unit for reading analog tensiometers
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New embedded temperature and humidity analog sensors


The DREAM system now offers easy solutions for reading analog temperature and humidity values by utilizing special embedded sensors. The sensors can be integrated into the economical 2 wired RTU or into the new generation GIII RF RTU so that reading temperature and humidity is now available both with the 2w and the radio RTU systems. In both cases the sensors do not require external energizing. Utilizing the same sensors with a special interface called THD enables the DREAM to read directly the temperature and humidity and to obtain also the resulting Dew Point.

To be used with the 2 Wired RTU system
The 2 Wired RTU systems are now capable of reading embedded analog temperature and humidity sensors with no need of external energy. The feature is accomplished with the economical 2 wired RTU units that still remain compatible with the existing 2 wired systems and without sacrificing its ability of solenoids activation. The information supplied by the analog sensors can be used by the DREAM conditions and statistical data.
To be used with the RF RTU system
The new generation (GIII) of the RF RTU system is now capable of reading embedded analog temperature and humidity sensors without need of external powering. Such RTUs with embedded sensors can be added to existing RF systems of earlier generation, by replacing only the RF INTERFACE and the CPU of the RF MASTER but with no need to touch the existing RTUs. Equipped with the embedded analog sensors RTUs can still activate outputs (up to 8) and read digital inputs (up to 4).
Used with a new DREAM interface that also calculates the Dew point
Equipped with the embedded temperature and humidity analog sensors, the new interface offers sophisticated and accurate frost protection capabilities based on the calculated Dew Point.
The new product is supplied in a separate enclosure to be installed externally to the DREAM controller. When installed near the DREAM it will be powered by 12v DC obtained from the DREAM itself, otherwise by use of the RS 485 channel of the remote I/O it can be installed remotely from the DREAM up to a distance of 1.5 Km and then it will require an additional local power supply of 12v DC+ lightning protection for the RS 485 line.
The frost protection mechanism takes into consideration the user defined crop critical temperature and the calculated Dew Point obtained from the measured temperature and humidity. These two values dictate the temperature at which the Frost Protection should be started.
Systems including a SPIDER of version V1.26 or later are capable of sending SMS warning when the temperature approaches the starting temperature of the Frost Protection and a second SMS will be sent when the Frost Protection is really activated.