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New embedded temperature and humidity analog sensors
New battery energized unit for reading analog tensiometers
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New battery energized unit for reading analog tensiometers


To be used with the DREAM 2 Wired RTU system
New software developed for the TENSIOMARKER electronic board makes it connectable to the 2 wired economical RTU, enabling it to read 2 analog sensors (4-20 mA) every 10 minutes, powered only by 4 “D” size batteries. The unit is most suitable for reading Tensiometers.
The economical 2 Wired RTU units are now capable of reading one or two Analog sensors (4-20mA) like tensiometers or similar. The system utilizes a special electronic board based on the Tensiomarker hardware, new software, and an LCD display + keyboard. Powered by 4 “D” sized batteries and plugged into an economical 2 wired RTU the special electronic board will take care both of the energizing and the reading of the analog sensors once every 10 minutes.
The product is backward compatible with all the existing 2 Wire systems.
The readings of the tensiometers (or the other analog sensors) received from the special electronic board can be utilized exactly the same way as every other analog sensor reading supplied by any of the analog interfaces of the DREAM system. The values can be used by the DREAM conditions and by the statistic programs.