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The WaterShop  is a new Water Distribution Control System designed to support the scheduling of water supply to a large number of users sharing common water sources and limited distribution lines. Most suitable for irrigation consortiums and water management unions.

The system enables managing the water supply to hundreds of customers. By easily created shifts, the operator schedules the opening of the valves according to the customers’ request, making sure not to exceed the limited capacity of the distribution lines. Staggered opening/ closing of the valves protects the pipeline from hazardous pressure changes. Flexible structure enables reaching into the field by cable or by radio RTU’s, covering an area of about 10 km radius. Recording the consumption and logging the regular and alarm events enable accurate accounting. The software makes intensive use of color-coded graphic tools to simplify the design and monitoring processes.

The following list describes the features offered by the system:
  • The scheduling is done by defining shifts of valves with individual run-time per valve.
  • Shifts may be started by time or one after the other.
  • Shifts may contain any number of individual valves or predefined groups of valves.
  • Although shifts are operating by time, the accumulated water consumption is by volume.
  • Programs may be saved in a library for later use.
  • The system under control is divided into distribution zones according to the flow capacity of each zone. While preparing the programs, the operator is warned when a program exceeds the flow capacity of a particular zone.
  • Staggered opening/ closing of valves per zone may be used for protecting the hydraulic network from extreme pressure changes.
  • Protecting the water source from working against too small or too large demand.
  • Detecting no-pulse, high flow, low flow, and water leakages.
  • Logging alarms and events of normal activity.
  • Displaying the actual flow used by each valve.
  • Handles a database of customers and enables creating consumption reports for billing purposes.
  • Using the hardware of the well-known DREAM system that can handle multiple channels of two wired RTU lines or radio RTU lines.

The following picture shows the screen used by the operator for designing programs and following the system status.

The following picture shows the screen used while defining the configuration of the system to be controlled. On the right side the memory usage is indicated.

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