AGROTAL is the first fully equipped agricultural timer.
Time based controller that offers full range of features required for professional agricultural applications including control of up to 3 fertilizer injectors and automatic filters backflushing, with the most user friendly MMI. The unit is expandable up to 36 stations.

Irrigation features

  • Four independent irrigation programs with up to six start times per program.
  • Each program can be assigned any number of valves or groups of valves.
  • Each program handles both the irrigation and the fertilization with independent water run time and fertilizers run time per each program member.
  • Any program may be pulse irrigated with unlimited number of cycles within the permitted time zone.
  • Program No. 4 may function as a regular program or as an emergency program started by a specially allocated sensor, most suitable for handling frost protection and cooling procedures.
  • Run time units of hours/minutes or minutes/seconds selectable per program.
  • All water run times can be adjusted in % between 0- 250 %.
  • Adjustable rain off delay with unlimited length.
  • Irrigation days calendar length adjustable up to 31 days.
  • Various modes of program start include automatic, manual, full program, partial program and single valve start.
  • Manual program pause with adjustable length.
  • Including program statues review screens.


  • Handling up to 3 independent fertilizer injectors.
  • Fertilizing in three stages: pre-watering, injection and post-watering.
  • Applying fertilizers continuously or proportionally.
  • Selectable parallel or sequential order of injection.


  • Automatic filters backflush program activated by pressure differential sensor and/or by elapsed time.
  • Optionally handling pressure sustain valve.

Special features

  • Overlapping or delayed switching of valves protects the hydraulic system from extreme pressure and flow changes.
  • High pressure Alert.
  • Delayed or advanced opening / closing of Main Valve.
  • Adjustable delay of powering up after power outage protects the pump from being damaged.

General Features

  • Modular structure – expandable in step of 6, up to 36 outputs.
  • All available outputs can be utilized with no need to leave out any unused ones. The outputs allocation may contain:
    • 0 or 1 main valve/ pump control.
    • Up to 3 fertilizer injectors.
    • Any number of irrigation valves.
    • Any number of filter station.
    • 0 or 1 pressure sustain valve.
  • Inputs can be allocated for:
    • 1 water meter.
    • 1 pressure sensor.
    • 1 differential pressure sensor.
    • 1 sensor for activating program No. 4.
  • User friendly MMI including Graphic display, rotary selector, function keys and led indicators.
  • Adjustable valve testing run time.

Informative status review screens

  • Reporting programs statuses.
  • Indicating existing problems.
  • Displaying the current water flow.
  • Showing the statuses of outputs and inputs.

Technical specifications

  • Relay operated outputs.
  • Dry contact inputs.
  • 9V alkaline backup battery.
  • Optional lightning and surge protection.
  • Detecting and eliminating short circuited outputs.

Electrical information

  • Input of 110v AC 50 or 60Hz.
  • Built-in transformer of 75 VA.
  • Outputs of 24v AC max 10 watt per output.
  • Up to 11 solenoids of 4 watts may operate simultaneously.

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